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Norman Emerson Sand filled flood bags are the perfect solution for flood prevention during periods of heavy rainfall and potential flooding. 

Sand filled flood bags

Should you live in or have a business premises in an area at risk of flooding, then holding a stock of filled sandbags for flooding prevention at your home or business could prove invaluable in the event of damaging flooding occuring at your property in the future.

The Norman Emerson Group carry stock of these filled sandbags. Our production team can fill these flood bags for small or large orders with short notice.

Norman Emerson Flood sand bags are...

  • ideal for flood prevention
  • helpful for stabilising temporary road signs
  • useful for weighting down agricultural netting

NEG filled flood bags (part of our easi-build range) are supplied in white woven polypropylene bags (50 Bags per pallet)

Delivery throughout Ireland

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